Juan D'Oultremont , the belgium avant-garde artist, decides to make a record with the freaksville team. Miam Monster Miam writes the music and Juan writes the lyrics and it sounds great , the freaksville band plays it loud and laidback ! It sounds a little bit like Antoine, Eric Erickson and the powerful voice of Captain Beefheart mixed with tomatoes and cheese.. . The combination of the surrealistic french lyrics of Juan, the truly and dark blues atmosphere is fantastic for the jerk fans ! Belgium is definetely a great country !


Juan D'oultremont : Lyrics, vocalls, megaphone Benjamin Schoos aka Miam Monster Miam : guitar,harmonica, producer Sophie Galet : Drums and backing vocals Pascal Schyns : Bass and guitar Philippe Doyen : Piano Philippe, le copain de ma mère : Trumpet, organ Jerome Mardaga : guitar Michel Vangenechten : xylo and theremin

Bambi, le clip